Request Form to Provide Discount Offers to OHSU Employees

Vendor Guidelines and Requirements for Submitting Discount Offers

Thank you for your interest in offering discounted products or services to OHSU staff. We appreciate our relationships with the business community. This form is intended for use by businesses who wish to extend a discount offer to OHSU staff that is not available to the general public.

OHSU and/or the Service Excellence Committee have sole discretion to determine offer compliance, including the following guidelines and requirements.

ALERT - Regarding COVID-19 Offers to OHSU:

OHSU is sincerely grateful for the outpouring of offers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your consideration of OHSU staff! Standard all-staff offers are still accepted. We will also gladly review offers with the new "COVID-19" category (selected below) which match these conditions:

  • COVID-19 offers must be specific to covid-related staff or covid-related needs (please use the "Discount Offer Description" field below to elaborate)
  • If the offer is not covid-specific, then we'll change your category from "COVID-19" to the most applicable offer category
  • COVID-19 offers will only be posted until OHSU resumes regular operations
  • Aside from these caveats, all other rules/requirements below still apply

Discount offers must:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Be made available to any OHSU employee who has a valid OHSU ID Badge.
  • Be verifiable by OHSU staff as a discounted cost on your standard rates
  • Be offered to persons associated with at least one other local, state or national entity.

Discount offers must not:

  • Pose a threat to individuals or organizations.
  • Be considered offensive or demeaning based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or political preference.
  • Conflict with OHSU's Code of Conduct or with any other university policy or guideline.
  • Be in direct competition with OHSU products or services, or pose a real or perceived institutional conflict of interest.
  • Be availible to the general public.
  • Be a listing on a third-party sales site. We will not accept discount offers on goods or services which are primarily listed on sites like Craig's List, E-Bay, Etsy, Facebook, etc. This includes specialty third-party sales sites for real estate and rentals. It also includes finance-related services (we will list the main company, but not individuals within the company.)

In addition, fitness facilities / services must meet these distance requirements from OHSU March Wellness & Fitness Center:

  • No facilities within a 1 mile radius
  • Boutique studios located at least 1 mile away
  • Multi use centers/gyms located at least 5 miles away, with the exception of 24 Hour and LA Fitness

The individual or company making the offer has sole responsibility for the description of discounted products and services. Descriptions must:

  • Represent the product or service fairly and accurately.
  • Be limited to written information (no graphics or file uploads) that will be posted on the OHSU intranet.
  • Include applicable dates and contact information.
  • Be submitted 30-days prior to posting.

= Required Item

Request Form

Business Information

Regarding your business:

(some fields may not apply if business is online-only, or has multiple locations)

Business name
Business license #
Main website URL (e.g. Either your main url, or an OHSU-specific page on your site. Logins and passwords can be noted below under "What type of identification is required?")
Street address 1
Street address 2
Zip Code

Regarding the person authorizing this offer to OHSU staff:

(for administrative purposes only - not displayed to OHSU staff)

Contact name
Contact phone
Contact Email
Discount Offer Information

Customer Assistance:

Please supply at least one of the following means for OHSU staff to reach customer assistance:

Other Information:

Discount Type
Offer Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy - leave blank if immediate)
Offer End Date (mm/dd/yyyy - leave blank if perpetual offer)
Discount Offer Description (no marketing, please - just the discount description. Please list actual discount amount / percentage.)

Is this discount available to OHSU volunteers?
What type of identification is required?
(e.g. "show employee badge", "show business card", "log in at... (include username and password)", etc)
  • OHSU does not endorse any product or service offered to employees through a discount.
  • OHSU does not indemnify any organization offering discounts to employees.
  • OHSU has the right to terminate all or part of the discount program and to pull any vendor from the discount program.
  • Acceptance of discount offer does not constitute a business relationship with OHSU. The organization offering the discount must not represent the discount offer using words such as "partnership," "affiliation" or any other language that would suggestion a business relationship with OHSU, and may not use the OHSU logo, mark or brand in any form without expressed written permission of OHSU Marketing and Communications.
  • The organization offering the discount must represent to OHSU that it is not and has not been excluded or debarred from participation in federal health care program and agree to advise OHSU immediately if it is excluded/debarred.


Please contact us with any questions.