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How can I treat neck arthritis?

Arthritis refers to any joint disease: Osteoarthritis is the most common. This is when the cushion or cartilage wears away, causing bone to rub against bone. These degenerative changes are typical over time. Symptoms of neck arthritis include pain, stiffness and tenderness. Most neck pain will improve with nonsurgical options, such as anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and occasionally steroid injections. Prevention includes staying active and flexible. If you have neck pain, mindful stretching through tai chi or yoga may help. Finally, posture and ergonomics are important: Constantly being hunched over your computer, phone or tablet may be a likely contributor to neck discomfort.

Jason J. Chang, M.D.Jason Chang, M.D.
OHSU Spine Center

About the expert

Dr. Chang specializes in neurosurgery of the brain and spine. He has advanced surgical training treating complex spine problems. He understands the stress and challenges of patients facing the possibility of surgery and aims to help them achieve peace of mind in understanding their problem. He takes pride in guiding patients through surgery toward their fullest potential recovery.

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