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What lunch can I pack for my son that’s fun to eat and nutritious?

Sandwiches made on whole-grain bread with a lean protein, such as turkey, ham or chicken are easy to make, affordable and convenient to take to school. Some children like lettuce or sliced cucumber on sandwiches, but many are picky about vegetables. Try offering small vegetables, such as baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas to dip in a small amount of low-fat dressing. If you’re unsure about portion size, choosemyplate.gov is a helpful resource: Enter your child’s age and get a guide on serving sizes. One way you can save time while packing lunches is with a “Shop and Chop” day: When you get home from grocery shopping, clean, chop and prepare vegetables in separate containers so packing lunches all week is a breeze.

Jennifer S. Kim, R.D., L.D.Jennifer Kim, R.D.
OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

About the expert

Jennifer Kim specializes in nutrition specifically for kids and is a registered dietitian. She sees patients at the Healthy Lifestyles clinic at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Doernbecher has the most pediatric specialists in Oregon and ranks among the nation’s best hospitals.

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