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Connections is a quarterly newsletter covering the latest developments and advances in medicine at OHSU for primary care providers. Learn about the many clinical, education and outreach resources available to you and your patients.

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Winter 2017 Edition

Clinical Trials

OHSU offers ample opportunity for participation in ongoing research and clinical trials. Our clinical studies would not be possible without the thousands of participants who volunteer each year and the providers who help enroll them.

To sign up one of your patients for an OHSU clinical trial, visit www.ohsu.edu/clinicaltrials.

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Continuing Medical Education

The Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education (CME) for medical professionals.

In addition to our many CME conferences available throughout the year, we offer traveling CME sessions that can take place at your clinic, making it convenient for you to meet your professional needs.  

Current traveling CME sessions available include various topics covering:

For information on how to schedule a traveling CME session, contact your provider relations manager.

For a complete list of upcoming CME sessions visit www.ohsu.edu/cme.

To receive occasional updates on upcoming CME events, please subscribe at www.ohsu.edu/cmenews.

Upcoming CME Events

MAR. 4: Inaugural Colloquium on Neuromuscular Disorders
Collaborative Life Sciences Building, Portland, Ore.

MAR. 17: Mental Health: Challenges and Treatment in Adult Primary Care
Sentinel Hotel, Portland, Ore.

APR. 14: Managing Headache and Neuropathic Pain
OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Portland, Ore.

APR. 15: 2017 Semler Symposium Series: Cardiology Update for the Primary Care Provider
St. Anthony’s Hospital, Pendleton, Ore.

APR. 17: Stroke Prevention TeleCME
Your clinic

APR. 20-21: 24th Annual Internal Medicine Review
Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, Ore.

MAY 11-12: 76th Annual Sommer Memorial Lectures
Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, Ore.

Featured articles

  • What’s new in relief for intractable pain?

    Ahmed Raslan, M.D.
    OHSU Brain Institute

    New specialty lowers and possibly prevents heart risks from cancer treatment

    Maros Ferencik, M.D., Ph.D.
    OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute

    After the ICU: Unique clinic helps kids recover from neurological injuries

    Juan Piantino, M.D.
    OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital

    Cydni Williams, M.D.
    OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital

    Clinical trials offer new hope for advanced prostate cancer

    Julie N. Graff, M.D.
    OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

    Beaverton clinic expands specialty care on west side

    Patients from Hillsboro to the Coast will have easier access to OHSU specialty care in 2017. The Westside Beaverton clinic is expanding. Now, many of the specialty services available on OHSU’s main campus will be accessible close to home, providing increased convenience and reduced travel time for patients.

    What’s coming to the Westside Beaverton Clinic

    The clinic, which began as part of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, is currently home to hematology-oncology, radiation oncology and some cardiology services. These services will continue, but by mid-2017, the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute will offer a full range of cardiology care in this location. Further new services at this clinic include:

    • Otolaryngology — April 2017
    • Dermatology — April 2017
    • Orthopaedics and rehabilitation — August 2017
    • Central phlebotomy lab
    • X-ray and ultrasound imaging services

    A new centralized check-in location is coming in 2017 so patients no longer need to check in at multiple clinics. Services in family and internal medicine are available to fill any general needs while patients are on-site, and an expanded retail pharmacy is available on the first floor. Like all of OHSU’s community clinics, the Westside Beaverton location offers ample free parking for patients.

    For information, please call the OHSU Physician Consult & Referral Service at 503-494-4567 or 800-245-6478.

    OHSU Westside Beaverton Clinic
    15700 S.W. Greystone Court
    Beaverton, OR 97006

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