Administrative Fellowship at Oregon Health & Science University

2020-2021 Program Overview

The next (2) Administrative Fellows will have the opportunity to serve Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) as key members of an outstanding leadership team at a world-class teaching hospital and research center. The Administrative Fellowship Program offers a unique opportunity for Master's prepared candidates in healthcare administration, business administration or related programs.

Under the direction of the OHSU Healthcare COO, a fellow will participate in executive - level projects, management of decision-making processes, and strategy development that span the adult hospital, adjacently located children's hospital and community clinics.

Under the direction of the OHSU Practice Plan CEO, a second fellow will participate in executive - level projects, strategy and partnership development that span the ambulatory services, including outpatient clinics, pharmacies, located in Portland and across the state of Oregon.

Projects will be determined based on both the needs of the organization and the interests of the fellow, and are intended to help develop and refine important managerial competencies, including analytical, communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills. As a result, the fellow will have ongoing interaction with the entire administrative team involving a broad range of operational issues.

Program Goals

  • Contribute to the work around priority initiatives for various units across OHSU Healthcare.
  • Build a broad range of healthcare operations, strategic planning, business development, project management and leadership skills.
  • Develop OHSU quality improvement skills to identify and seek ways to improve processes and outcomes across the OHSU Healthcare system.
  • Enhance professional development through participation in a variety of activities to promote professional and career growth.

Program Highlights

  • As the state’s only health and research university, OHSU brings together patient care, research, and education to the next generation of health care providers, scientists and community stewards to improve the health and well – being of all Oregonians.
  • The fellows will be a formal member of the hospital administrative and clinical practice teams.
  • The fellows will have an opportunity to meet with both preceptors, OHSU Healthcare COO and OHSU Practice Plan CEO, on a regular cadence.
  • The fellows will have an opportunity to meet with the CEO of the OHSU Healthcare system on a quarterly basis.
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